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Test Pressing

Aiko / Fly With Me / Aloha Got Soul

Aiko, Sekiguchi, Japan, Hawaii, Roger Bong, Fly With Me, Aloha Got Soul, Time Machine, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review

Two tracks of sweet Boogie by Aiko Sekiguchi. Recorded in Aiko`s then new home town of Honolulu. Now made available again by Roger Bong`s Aloha Got Soul. A 45 this side of Christmas that helps satiate the current appetite for all things Japanese. The demand for the music of artists such as Minako Yoshida, Kimiko Kasai, and Eri Ohno. A market fostered by Rush Hour and Chee Shimizu`s Japanism project, and about to go “Boom!” with a slew of sought after titles scheduled for reissue from all over in 2017.

You can order a copy hereand learn more about Aiko here.


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