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Test Pressing

Merge / Kashan / Growing Bin

Test Pressing, Merge, Review, Dr Rob, Kashan, Growing Bin, Basso, Germany

Fretless bass virtuosity and clipped guitar chord class. Merge aren’t too happy about Pat Metheny Group comparisons, but they`re there all the same. “So It May Secretly Begin”. “San Lorenzo”. Voice given to prayer. “Mas Alla”. And beyond.

The three new tracks here form a suite, a named after a capital in the province of Isfahan, and aimed at painting contrasting Iranian landscapes. Desert heat and the respite provided by the shade of maze-like bazaars. Subtly segueing between solos. Pianos dancing arabesques and Eastern tones edging in to a Jazz of ECM at its most reflective.

You can order a copy directly from Basso here

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