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Test Pressing

Phil Stroud / Good Company Records

Test Pressing, Review, Phil Stroud, Perth, Australia, Good Company Records

The album opens with “Ritual”. Dark, hypnotic evolving, it could pass for one of Black Merlin`s field recordings from The Island Of The Gods. “Middle East” is also an obsidian mediation. Twelve minutes of chimes, shakers, and gongs. All the tracks here are percussive epics (with the shortest clocking in at six). “The Birds” adds an Indian Bansuri, and the rhythm moves from Trance to Dance. The bulk of the set operating out in the light. Celebratory organic drum tools for celebratory organic DJs. Originating in an unspecified land of tribes and tradition. The standout is the fifteen minute “Flow”, where synthetic pads, keys and song synergise with the percussion. A chilled successor to Phil`s previous “Yemaja”. Though less House, more modern, seductive, twilight Exotica.

You can order a copy directly from Good Company Records here.

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