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Test Pressing

Labels 2016

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Labels, 2016

1080P, 12Records, 130701, 4AD, Aficionado, Afro 7, Alliance Upholstery, Aloha Got Soul, Alleviated, Antinote, Archeo, Athens Of The North, Attic Salt, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Balearic Blah Blah, Balearic Social, Beats In Space, Berceuse Heroique, Be With, Blackest Ever Black, Body Language, Brownswood, Caroline True, Cascine, Claremont 56, Cobra, Comatonse, Cosmic Pint Glass, Cultures Of Soul, Dark Entries, Decent International, Declasse, Deek, Deewee, Dekmantel, Demdike Stare, Deutsche Grammophon, DFA, Domino, Dopeness Galore, Drum Island, Duophonic, Dub Store, Dug Out, Early Sounds, Echovolt, Efficient Space, Em, Emotional Rescue, Emotional Response, Environ, ESP Institute, Far Out, Fasaan, Fat Cat, Father & Son Records & Tape, Faze Action, Feelings, Feel International, Firecracker, Frotee, Future Times, Gee,Going Good, Golf Channel, Good Company Records, Good Plus, Good Timin`, Growing Bin, Heavenly, Heavenly Sweetness, Hell Yeah, Highwood, Hot Casa, International Feel, Invisible City Editions, Isigude, Is It Balearic?, Italic, Jamwax, Japanism, Jazzman, Juice, Keyboard Masher, Kickin, Knitting Factory, Kranky, Late Night Tales, Left Ear, Leng, L.I.E.S., Light In The Attic, Live At Robert Johnson, Lurid, Macadam Mambo, Magic Movement, Mannequin, Matsuli, Melody As Truth, Mellophonia, Merge, Mexican Summer, Milan,Minimal Wave, Moine Dubh, Mondo, Mood Hut, Morr, Most Excellent Unlimited, Moton, Mr Bongo, Music For Dreams, Music From Memory, Mute, Mukatsuku, Noise In My Head, Not An Animal, Not Not Fun, Omaggio, Omena, On The Corner, ON-U Sound, Optimo, Outta Sight, Palto Flats, Parkway, Parkwest, Passport To Paradise, Peoples Potential Unlimited, Phantom Island, Phonica, Pleasure Unit, Polysom, Powerdance, Presch Media GmbH, Pressure Sounds, Principe, Public Possession, Ransom Note, Really Swing, Record Mission, Record Shack, Red Motorbike, Rhythm Section International, Rivertones, Rocafort, Rough Trade, Running Back, Rush Hour, RVNG INTL., Second Circle, Slam Jam, Smalltown Supersound, Sofrito, Soul Jazz, Soundway, Spacetalk, Stamp The Wax, StudioRichter, Sun Cut, Superconscious, Tendril Tales, Terre Des Pommes, Themes For Great Cities, Throne Of Blood, Touch Sensitive, Transatlantyk, Triassic Tusk, Trunk, Tryck & Ton, Tummy Touch, Universal Cave, Utopia, Versatile, Vibraphone, Vivid Sound Corporation, Village Green, Waffles, Wall Of Sound, Warp, Wonderful Sound, World Building, World Famous, You And Me.

Thank you for the music!! Have a great 2017!!!

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