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Test Pressing

Mix / A Night At Beauty & The Beat

I feel bad that I am only just getting to posting this as its been sitting on my desktop for months but I keep playing it so felt time to get it up. With the passing of David Mancuso last year it seems more important than ever that the original free Loft vibe of the 70s is maintained and kept alive. You know – a place for the dancers and free folk to all go and enjoy and get lost in a mix of genres and sounds. For me the natural keeper of said flame in London is Beauty & The Beat. It’s loose. Its free. The system kicks and they don’t get caught up in the politics of dancing. Dancefloor freedom both for DJ and dancer. Here’s a recording of a Beauty & The Beat session from November last year. It is nearly seven hours long. Enjoy it. x.

Beautty & The Beat, Cedric Lassonde, Party, London, The Loft,

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