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Tin Man, Dripping Acid, Global A, Review, Ace, Wibble, Acid, Wobble



This one is released on February the 5th on six (yep!) pieces of vinyl. It is basically the sound of the Roland 303 (imagine if he used a plug in heh) put through twists and turns and upsides and downs. Tin Man is Johannes Auvinen. He seems like a serious chap but if I had to pick one producer to remix one of my productions right now he’d be up there on the list. He can make something simple sound very very good and that in itself is a fine art and balancing act.

The press release says (sorry press release person as I know this wasn’t an easy job) “…his most ambitious project to date embraces the style as wholeheartedly as he ever has. Maybe as wholeheartedly as any producer has…”. Not sure about that tbh. Two words – DJ Pierre. Or another two – Mr Fingers. Or one – Armando. But…and its a big BUT, Tin Man does it so well. He’s flipping brilliant. And he does it in a modern style without it being deep house or a certain genre – just properly good music. One to get lost in.

If you like the sound of this you can get involved 5th February and check this track listing. : )


  • A1 Flooding Acid
  • B1 Pooling Acid
  • B2 Dripping Acid
  • C1 Evaporated Acid
  • D1 Underwater Acid
  • D2 Sunken Acid
  • E1 Undertow Acid
  • F1 Drenched Acid
  • F2 Oily Acid
  • G1 Surfing Acid
  • H2 Soaking Acid
  • H3 Oozing Acid
  • I1 Washing Acid
  • J1 Diving Acid
  • K1 Glassy Acid
  • L1 Percolating Acid
  • L2 Viscocity Acid

‘Dripping Acid’ by Tin Man is out 5th February on Global A.

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