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Test Pressing


Lena D'Agua, Review, Test Pressing, Strangelove Music

This is the first project on Strangelove Music – a re-issue of two tracks by Lena D’Agua – a Portugese act from the early 80s. This apparently is form the leftfield side of their catalogue. On the A side we have a dubby super Balearic sound that feels like that great end of Voices-type of music the Police made – sort of skank pop Portugese – and the B side has an eastern feel in the aptly titled ‘Tao’.

Strangelove Music are based on the other side of the world and plan to bring both the old and the new and whatever they fancy it seems.

You can follow the label here on Soundcloud. Both sides are great and got aired straight away on my NTS show so I voted with my feet (well ears) there. This one is out late April so around a month away.

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