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Mark Barrott / Music For Presence / International Feel

Mark Barrott, Music For Presence, International Feel, Test Pressing, Review

Mark Barrott’s new EP arrives on International Feel almost as a welcome to the blossom that has just arrived on the trees of London. I am going to hold my hands up as my name is on the back of this one – I A&R’d this release – but for me the first track ‘Schopenhauer’s Garden’ is one of the finest things Mark has written and recorded to date. There is something special going on in these grooves and it is worth the entry price alone. If you imagine a modern day Ashra on a trip to the East then maybe you have the sound.

‘Emilé’, ‘Mokushō’ and EP closer ‘Lysander’ all add flavour to the record and come close in reaching the quality of that first track. To be honest if you’d added three of four more tracks to this EP it would have made a truly wonderful album.

Mark Barrott sits on music he makes and I am lucky enough to hear these things and I have to say I am very much looking forward to the next washes of music rolling in from over 1000 miles away. Classy.

Mark Barrott’s ‘Music For Presence EP’ is out this Friday 3rd March on International Feel.

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