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Test Pressing

OUTRO TEMPO - Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978 – 1992 / MUSIC FROM MEMORY


Music From Memory is a really wonderful record label. They started strong on the back of the Red Light set-up but are now clearly running a super tight ship. Out of everyone in our world they seem to be massively on top of their game and look most likely to break out of our Balearic cul-de-sac (if you want) and into the land of ECM and Luaka Bop. The music seems to be getting better and better – both with the re-issues and the new artists – they have wonderful artwork and design, and their sub-label Second Circle released my favourite new release of the year to date in Dazion.

I could write a long-winded review of ‘Outro Tempo’ but it would almost ruin the surprise for any of you buying it. Also, to be honest they don’t need me to do that right now as the record is selling out everywhere and the shops are waiting for a repress. I will summarise though. It is sub-titled ‘Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978 – 1992’ which gives you the framework, it is compiled by John Gomez (who is an expert in this area of music) and who also has written the superb sleeve notes, the perfectly pitched artwork is by Alice Quaresma and, I presume, with design by David McFarline and co to round things off. The music is at turns atmospheric, beautiful, electronic and then acoustic. Seriously if you are reading this site just go buy it. It won’t let you down and as you can maybe tell we like this one a great deal. Superb work by all involved. Fair play.

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