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Test Pressing

Alek Lee / Sfarot EP

ALEK LEE , SFAROT, Antinote,  Review, Test Pressing

Oh my this is a tidy release. Antinote is a thoroughly interesting record label. They don’t hit a style or genre and just do what they do in super designed record sleeves. This one is no different. Alek Lee’s ‘Sfarot’ comes on that world beat style or to be more specific the press release compares it too Klezmer music which is basically a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. What this means is a super low down beat and top vocal in a ‘my six year old child just inhaled loads of helium’ fashion.

To be more kind (and don’t get me wrong this is really really good) the vocals used come from a recording Lee did a few years back where he recorded traditional songs Israeli children used to learn at school, performed by a choir of young kids. The dub brings the horns and makes me want to play one into the other for a long time dubbing it all out. In the right time and right place this will sound super good. The closing track ‘Harabait’ is a dubby balearic world number with accordian-esque sounds and more. Quality.

Check it here at the Antinote bandcamp.

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