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Test Pressing

Charlotte Adigéry EP

Charlotte Adigéry, Review, Test Pressing, Soulwax, Bolis Pupul

I have been playing this one for a while on my NTS radio show but its out now and people seem to be picking up on how good it is. Having seen her perform live in a Belgian nightclub Charlotte Adigery has got something good going on. Couple it with production from Bolis Pupul and a finishing production sheen from Soulwax and their DEEWEE studio and its a quality twelve. Four tracks range from “Le Froid” and its slow mo electronics, “1,618” and its twisted vocals cuts and the almost ambient “Celle” – a song to a past love – to the mellow beauty of ‘Senegal Seduction’ (this below and is the one I have been finishing my show with). Nice.

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