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Test Pressing

Flug8 / Leuchtkraft­ / Ransom Note

It’s late, I am still in the office working on a presentation for a meeting at 9am tomorrow morning and Pete who is pulling it together has pretty much drunk a bottle of Chablis. Time for the new Flug8 album.

‘Leuchtkraft­’ is spacey. Well spacey. Its proper ambient spacey. Its the sort of music I wish we’d had when we were dropping acid aged 16 and thinking it was raining inside. It is layers of computer talk spacey. It slowly evolves through its gears and appears around you. Ransom Note tagged it ‘drone / ambient’ which is pretty spot on.

The chap behind Flug8 – Daniel Herrmann – is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the fields of music, photography and more. For this release he has created a series of images based on the notion of illumination. Here is what they look like and if you had to have a visual representation of the record then these would work perfectly as a review.

Flug8, Daniel Herrmann, Test Pressing, Review

Flug8, Daniel Herrmann, Test Pressing, Review

Flug8, Daniel Herrmann, Test Pressing, Review

Anyway, this is good. If you like Kosmiche, drone, ambient, sitar music, drugs, chocolate and stars then this is especially for you. It will be released this Friday on cassette and digital and you can go here to the Bandcamp to check it out.

‘Leuchtkraft­’ by Flug 8 is released by Ransom Note on March 10th on limited cassette and digital.

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