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Kieran Hebden's Spotify Playlist

Kieran Hebden, Spotify, Playlist, Test Pressing

We were discussing the other day the fact that one of Spotify UK’s most popular playlists is one named ‘Your Office Stereo’. The rather worrying aspect of this is that Spotify have one of the most amazing databases of music but currently the end result is it being used for background (ambient) sound while people go about their daily work business. For me Spotify are missing a trick here but hey ho. Not my place. Anyway, if you want a soundtrack to your day that mixes great jazz, quality R&B, electronic business and a whole lot more then Kieran Hebden of Four Tet has provided. Hebden is a great aficionado of quality music across the board and this one is keeping all parties quite happy at the studio right now. You can check it below. There are 32 hours to roll through.

Tidy. x.

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