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Test Pressing

Rohan Bell-Towers – ‘All Aboard’ / ‘Night Train To Nowhere’ /Public Possession

Rohan Bell-Towers, Review, Public Possession,  Test Pressing, Review

Rohan Bell-Towers used to work for Australian fashion brand P.A.M. There was a point where it all started going rather well over there so the chaps at P.A.M went to all their staff and asked them what they thought about their futures. How did they see their careers developing? What would they ideally like out of P.A.M as their careers grew? I guess most people said a promotion of sorts. Rohan asked for his own chair. A chair that only he could sit on that no-one else would be allowed to use.

This little story says a lot about Rohan. He’s pretty particular. He has particular taste in stuff and his productions are no different. He loves the Italo and this one comes heavy on those references. It’s two tracks for the always reliable Public Possession label with the A side ‘All Aboard’ being the dancefloor winner and the B side ‘Night Train To Nowhere’ arriving on the 4:44 to ‘keeping things bubbling nicely’. Nice sleeve too.

P.S Public Possession are moving in a radio direction soon (alongside their line of tooth picks, scarves and catering) so more news on that to follow.

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