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Test Pressing

MAT7 - Suzanne Kraft & Jonny Nash - Cassette Business

Suzanne Kraft, Jonny Nash, Melody As Truth, Cassette, Review

I was away in Paris at the weekend and Tako was there as well. We were chatting on why Amsterdam is so good right now and why its all working so well and his take on it was it was just a general good atmosphere of people supporting one another and working together.

So at the top of the Music From Memory building (as I understand) sits the studio of Jonny Nash and Diego (aka Suzanne Kraft). I can imagine lots of things will be pouring out of there as time moves on and here’s a nice one. As they say, “a series of experiments, collages and improvisations.” This is Melody As Truth 7 – a cassette with Jonny Nash on one side and Suzanne Kraft on the other.

You can pick this one up via the Melody As Truth bandcamp and also digitally. Physical copies are also available at Red Light Records, Amsterdam and Commend, NYC. Trippy. A nice mellow thing.

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