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Test Pressing

Trujillo 'Everytime I Think Of U' (Apersonal)

Trujillo, Everytime I Think Of U, Telephones, Remix,  Apersonal

Remember that rather good Ponzu Island record, well the label is back with another good one. Trujillo hit a point between Make Some Room era Sade and little Street Soul vibe. I can see that whole Street Soul thing really coming back with bells on due to the tempo, vibe and speed (see Lexx playing this 8p banger – and yeah that is how much it costs on Discogs right now).

Anyway, Trujillo is a nice time as a record. Its mellow and good in feeling. On the A side ‘Hola Como Estás’ is the one for me, all lush pads and nice bass sounds with a little vocal line and piano. It’s tidy. Then we get a Telephones mix of the first track on the A side ‘Everytime I Think Of U’. This is really really good. Much like Andras delivering a killer mix on the last release the Apersonal guys have hit lucky with Telehones on this one. Its mid-tempo house with congas, nice bass line, lovely drums and a really good mix to the whole thing. Basically Henning Telephones nailed a good one. So look out for this. The sun is coming out, life is about to get warm and this one will soundtrack it all perfectly. Released May 1st on Apersonal.

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