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Test Pressing

Oi Polloi Are 15 (And Having a Party!!)

Oi Polloi, 15 years, Party, Moonboots, Beer, Dj, Balearic, Clobber

Our esteemed sponsors Oi Polloi are turning 15 and to celebrate they are throwing a party with Moonboots and others playing. The party is at Common on 25th May and you might even get a free mug and a free beer. Oi Polloi sell proper clothes as well as creating funny mail-outs. This isn’t an advertorial (you can hit the banner above to dig in) but they are funny and find clothing for gentlemen (and women) that is either perennial (see Arpenteur) or super interesting in its detail. Anyway, it’ll be one of your better dressed parties and if you are up their way we recommend you turn up. More information on THIS Facebook link if you are that way inclined. Happy birthday chaps.

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