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Test Pressing

Andras Comes With A New Label / PUNP

Andras, PUNP Records, Review, Test Pressing

Andras Fox likes a new project and here’s three new tracks on a club tip from the man known as Andy Wilson to his mum. This one kicks off with a great sample from what sounds like an Australian festival – ‘Our next DJ is playing vinyl exclusively, and what we need you to do is take one step back and also anyone with glitter don’t throw it now as its not going to sound good’…

“While House of Dad laboured in detail, this one targets club play – speeding tempos laced with the larrikinism of Boiler Room, Australian reality TV and shark siren cut ups. ‘Vinyl Only’ takes a swipe at the 100% mentality with a stereo bassline threatening to derail the stylus, further sidetracked by being digitally available a week before the 12”. On the P-side, ‘40k’ pulls swimmers from the Bondi rip while ‘Sanitiser’s simplicity cleanses the grease from former plumbing exploits.” (Words courtesy of Michael Kucyk)

So you’re off into pure club music… Bassline house with quality beats for nightclubs and dark corners. Andy doesn’t do the norm though so expect the little twists and turns that someone with a decent brain like him can throw at three dancefloor tracks. Fonky.

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