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Test Pressing


Toulouse Low Trax, Prins Thomas, DENIS MPUNGA & PAUL K., Androo, Remixes, Music From Memory

Another day another Amsterdam related release review. This time its Denis Mpunga & Paul K and to be honest it neatly follows what I was saying on the Androo release yesterday in that it perfectly sits within my frame at the minute (which means I am guessing a lot of other people will find it of interest). A mix of deep house, afro and dub sound.

This is a set of remixes by Prins Emanuel, Dazion, Androo, Toulouse Low Trax & Interstellar Funk. Prins brings an Afro Disco party to the table thats all hips and dancefloor, Dazion comes with a low down Afro earth beat that still swings, Androo gets dubwise, Toulouse Low Trax gets out there and Interstellar Funk’s mix sounds like a messed up record you’ve just discovered made in ’91. Can’t find it on Soundcloud so check the clips HERE on Juno. Strong strong 12″ again.

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