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Test Pressing

Second Circle 008 / Androo / Naya E.P

Androo, Naya EP, Test Pressing, review

This record is well up my street right now as half of it sounds like an amalgamation of sounds that are coming out of my home stereo. A mix of dub, early 707 house and earth rhythms. Not sure if earth rhythms makes much sense but organic sound basically. This is six tracks running from slow grooves to a dub track in ‘Cosmos Reggae’ and some tidy deep rhythmic house all mixed live on his recording desk. This we massively approve of at Test Pressing. It’s the way forward. Knob off the automation and let the mistakes happen.

Apparently Androo is a Swiss producer and he releases on the Sparring Partner label alongside cohort Bono Fly. Androo’s roots are in digi dub though later sound palettes have infiltrated the mix bringing this EP together which will soon be available to you. Check for yourself below. Class.

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