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Test Pressing

Beauty & The Beat / Blackbush Orchestra

Test Pressing, Review, Beauty & The Beat, Blackbush Orchestra

Just wanted to do a quick post highlighting this one as it’s the Beauty & The Beat label on fine form with their second release. As you may have heard from mixes coming from them (see this recording from a night at Beauty & The Beat for the vibe) they mix the best of across the board “world” music. World music is a terrible name as we’ve said many times as what does it actually mean but this release by Blackbush Orchestra is a er beauty. It opens with ‘My People’ – a meditative African vocal over synths and conga which is followed by ‘Bamba Ditounalene’ which they describe as “ever-evolving fierce Afro Trance”. Not sure we can describe that better. On the flip Kay Suzuki takes the helm with a great remix. Keeping the congas to the fore he turns ‘Sortez les Filles’ into a Balearic African special. A really really lovely record. There’s a digi only version too which you can get at their Bandcamp which is also a lovely one. Get it while you can as their first release flew out.

Beauty & The Beat Bandcamp.

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