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Test Pressing

S.K X D.K / Melody As Truth / Music For Horizons...

Melody As Truth, Suzanne Kraft, SK, D.K, Review, Test Pressing

Suzanne Kraft has collaborated with D.K (we love that dude) for a 6 track EP on Melody As Truth. Writing about Ambient pieces is a bit of a funny one really as you can bullshit on all day long but this is just super mellow chilled out there zone music for Sundays, yoga, work and in fact anywhere… Sunset might nice as well come to think of it. Anyway, its classy and spacey and has a ton of air floating through it. Six tracks of restraint and melody. Another beauty from Jonny Nash’s label and a keeper. Music for horizons. x.

Check back to the Melody As Truth Bandcamp soon as I am sure it’ll be up there in due course.

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