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Test Pressing

Tele Music Get The Remix Treatment

Tele Music, Reinterpretations, Remixes, Gold, Alexis Le Tan, France Hits

This could be one of those albums that you discover in a few years time and find some total gems on it and wonder why you didn’t get it at the time but basically Alexis Le Tan has curated a remix album of Tele Music tracks with mixes coming in from (its quite the line up) DK, Toulouse Low Trax, Soulwax, Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold, Joakim, Vidal & Gilb’r, Pilooski, Zombie Zombie, iCube (boom!), Ron Morelli, Nico Motte and Syracuse. It’s exactly what you would expect. The sound of the (future) past updated for a modern audience with love, care and attention all wrapped in a beautiful sleeve.

Hit the links below to audition as it’s taken a while for this one to see the light of day.

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