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Minor Science 'Volumes / Another Moon' (Whities)

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Berlin resident Minor Science is one of the main artists over at Nic Tasker’s label Whities. You know how there is that sort of ‘internet music’ that is a bit-of-everything-but-at-the-same-time-kind-of-nothing and it sort of has no attitude? Well this is like the polar opposite of that. Its got techno edges, drums that could come from any scene and melodies, bleeps and blops that sound good to me. The A side ‘Volumes’ is the deeper melodically of the two tracks with nice little vocal, a heavy heavy repetitive bassline and synths falling down around drops and cuts. The B side ‘Another Moon’ is another techno-ish drive through melody and live hits on the drum front, with the little breaks and edits that Minor Science clearly likes. They give the track that Aphex-ish feel but it still stands quite happily in its own world. I like this label. Roll on.

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