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“The CYBERDOME was Dionysian high-tech DANCE party event with AMBIENT AREA, BRAIN BAR, BRAIN MACHINES and PUBLIC BRAIN SESSION. “Based on the awareness that we raise awareness on a global level by generating modern tribal dance gatherings – by setting up Temporary Autonomous Zones of sharing & caring, safety & trust, love & freedom, ecstasy & trance in warehouses or clubs” – the CYBERDOME was a multi-media dance event of PYROMANIA ARTS in collaboration with PRINZ city magazine.” 

So goes the YT description under this Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia  live set from ’92, with visuals courtesy of MEDIASHAMAN. It seems like pretty much anything this lot did around the period was killer – heads down but full of surprises. All the usual PWOG colours and tones here: FM bass grunts, loops roll, keys glow. Tim Freeman dubbing the desk, turning tracks on and off like water – all flows. It’s about 15 minutes before you really get a kick drum and more’s the better for it.  Just as the set plateaus and gets you back to zero they’re on the march again.  

Watching this got me thinking back to last summer’s Exquisite Corpse live set at Rye Wax – massive thanks to the Body Motion guys for getting Robbert and Tim into a Peckham basement with a stack of outboard electronics. Brain bar indeed. You can hear an hour special they did for NTS below.

Keep up with the excellent Pyromania Arts Foundation YT channel here.

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