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Test Pressing

DrumTalk / Matt Sewell - A Crushing Glow 12"

A new two track DrumTalk 12”, released in collaboration with celebrated illustrator / enthused ornithologist Matt Sewell’s ‘A Crushing Glow’, came a little out of nowhere; but then that’s what this record’s all about – surprises. ‘Out of the Blackness, into the Blue’ develops the sound set of previous, more muscular DrumTalk releases but these tracks take a different tack, finding freedom in serenity, loose from the mechanics of the club. Not so much an about-turn, more a drift towards new horizons.

The first moments set the tone for the next 15 minutes: a rising melody joined by its double, wandering bassline, auto-rhythm, fx, noise. Both sides of the record open up and find space to breathe, pausing for a few moments to check you’re caught up before setting off again. There’s a lot of playful nostalgia here for sure; Berlin/whatever-Schule, Japanese avant pop, Eno etc. but these are for reference only, quick coordinates that put you in the right hemisphere – but still off course. Like the sadly departed Subway, DrumTalk takes these sounds as a starting point for analog pop that’s never saccharine and comes highly recommended.

Limited 500 press released 27 October on ‘A Crushing Glow’ (via Caroline True Records). Blue colour-in-colour 12” with artwork by Matt Sewell, pre-order available here – early birds (!) get a limited edition Phenakistiscope print created by Matt himself (below)

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