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Test Pressing

Mix / Phil Mison / Live At The Café Del Mar / 1994

This recording comes live and direct from the tape machine at the Café Del Mar on the 1st of September in 1994 and is Phil Mison in top form. A brilliant mix of music that all joins up perfectly in the way that the proper DJ can do. I asked Phil for some words as the first hand memories always sum things up perfectly.

“The sunset has always been the big thing at the Café Del mar, but the summer I was there, the evening part seemed equally as important. People would drift off after the sunset, then slowly return around 9ish to have a few drinks and get ready to head to the clubs. Musically it was all over the place – stuff like Angelique Kidjo ‘Batonga’, Rey De Copas , Heights of Abraham mixed up with housier tracks like Flow ‘Another time’, Dub Tribe ‘Sunshines Theme’, Soichi Terada ‘Sunshower’ with 51 Days ‘Paper Moon’ being always the absolute peak track when the bar was at its busiest around 11 o clock.”

Check the other linked mixes by Phil in the player or click HERE for more mixes and pieces. Its always quality. Love up love up.

Phil Mison, Live, Café Del Mar,  September, 1994, Ibiza, DJ, Classic, Evening, Set

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