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Jonny Rock's Old School Hot Picks Go Good Block...

Jonny Rock is playing at the next Good Block party so Richard from that parish got in touch about doing something as it looks like a strong night out. Jonny Rock is on the bill to so, to align with Africaine 808 playing, we asked him to pick his Top Ten 808 tunes. He totally didn’t do that haha but he did pick us ten bangers from the land of Jonny Rock wonky boompty house disco Chicago business… Fire away Jonny.

Ok in no particular order….

Bang The Party – Going Home To See My Baby

Jacker of intensity. Was so hot then, so hot right now.

Glenn Underground – Escuchame

1st time I heard this was at Black Market Records in store with Glenn Underground and whoop there it was representing 21st century Music Box playlist to my ears. Right time…and right soundsytem… body poppin’.

The B-52s – Mesopotamia [Rob Mellos No Ears Acid Mix]

Saviour of the dance floor baseline for dayzz. Punk for the purple haze. (Not sure why they uploaded 2 girls in bikini for the video tho).

Doctor Rockit – Way Outta Here

Herbert sherbert for shure… Defo a unique sound always from the dude. This cut is worn out on my copy.

Pacific Horizons – Burning Stars (Peaking Lights Dub)

Nu school with beautiful mid-90s old school edge for me… This puppy is, in fact, all mixes, of this record is a jam. Dope. Only if you wanted to hope.

Kaos 007 – Rock on Acid

Warehouse stomper. In UK sum call it a corker.

House People ‎- Godfather Of House (Club Version)

There are a lot of people who claim to be the father of House music but how ’bout the godfather? Who that be? Where is his Werther’s originals? Could this beat be caramel of house music?

The Legend Of O’Mar – The Grand Master Lover (Karim Special Edit)

House Disco Chicago… This literally sums it up for me… 100% Utah as they called it in Point Break. This is for me a breaking point of dance music as I hear it.

Nouveaux Nation – Face This Bass

U can avoid all u like but there will be a time that u gonna have to face this bass. Wonky dancefloor jammer.

Johnny Rock – Somethin’ ‘Bout Nothin’

Give me a lil’ time and I give you boom boom, comedy house with spicy edges, by the lyrical gangsta Johnny Rock (me with a silent h)

Good Block is on the 1st of December. Get involved by clicking the Facebook link HERE.

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