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Test Pressing

MIX / Kris Baha (Power Station / Power Cuts)

Kris Baha has been on my radar since his excellent Bahnsteig 23 release  (currently ‘desirable’ in Discogs language but mercifully getting a repress at the end of November), but it’s the recording of his under-the-influence 3 hour set at New Dance Fantasy earlier this summer that made a Test Pressing mix a must. As the DJ behind the weekly Power Station parties in Melbourne, Kris relocated to Berlin a few years back and has been running both the Power Station label and edit offshoot Power Cuts from there. Following a strong EP on Power Station and remixes for Sfire, Red Axes and C Cat Trance, Kris’ productions are really firing on new EP Autora on Discodromo’s Cocktail d’Amoure  – have a dab of sweaty, tops-off banger ’10 ways’ below.

One of my favourite LPs to come out of left field  this year has been the Die Orangen LP, Kris’ collaboration with Dreems on Malka Tuti. Somewhere between Dreamtime Return-era Steve Roach, lost-in-the-studio ZZT dubs and oddball Australian new-wave – it’s a real trip. Look out for its juicy orange sleeve in the ‘krautback’ section of your record store.

For this mix Kris has dug deep, selecting from his enviable collection of industrial / wave and electronic oddities, alongside his own unreleased productions and upcoming Power Station/ Power Cuts releases. He takes a forensic approach, a nitty-gritty way of unearthing mutant tracks that are functional and over-the-edge in equal measure. It’s grinding, weird and funky as hell.

Kris’ new 12″ Autora is now on Cocktail D’Amour – Die Orangen’s Zest has been out since September on Malka Tuti Keep up with Kris here and Power Station here.

Kris Baha, Power Station, Industrial, No Wave, Electronics, Power Cuts, Bahnsteig 23, Die Orangen, Dreems, Malka Tuti

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