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Mix 458 / Heels & Souls / For The Love Of WBLS & WBMX

Heels & Souls are two young people who have got up and got out there and are doing great things. They’ve been running not-for-profit parties for charity over the last three years finding unusual spaces to throw them in. They had me and Lexx DJing for them at a party in a church in Bethnal Green. We played on altar. I texted my mum, a very Catholic lady, to tell her we were DJing on an altar and she just replied “say a prayer”. Most catholic response ever. Anyway, they danced in the pews and we all had a good time.

The chaps, Ben & Patrick, have a fortnightly show on Reprezent Radio and have been busy DJing in London town and at various festivals this year. So here we have a mix. Inspired in part by archived WBMX and WBLS radio broadcasts from New York, they’ve put together a mix of their favourites from that amazing era. Pop fact for the day – the Marcel King track at 18 minutes is Shaun Ryder’s favourite record released on Factory. Anyway, its the days of pure fun in New York’s discos and these two have put that perfectly into an hour long mix.

If you want to find out more on Heels & Souls or their parties with a cause go to their Facebook page. Fun times.

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