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Test Pressing

A Street Soul Two Step / Honey K

Next up on the mix files we have Honey K with a little – as the title says – Street Soul Two Step. These sort of records never went away for many people. You know… That half of the Soul II Soul album that you really like that sounds amazing in your car with the sun out. This mix tape shows some of the music that went on around that. The more underground grooves happening in London, Manchester, Bristol and other cities on pirate radio and in the clubs. Big bottom end, soul vocals and people who could properly get down.

You can see how these records have come full circle. Not only are they solid gold but as music has got slower (not sure I can get down with 128bpm anymore) these sort of records fit the tempo and vibe just right. Anyway, its quality sound from all around. Thanks to Honey K for putting this together and for pulling in some radio jingles to give it some context. Play loud. In your car.

Honey K, Street Soul, 2 Step, London, Manchester, Vibes, Caron Wheeler, Hits, Bangers, Bass, Voice, Soul

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