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Test Pressing

Cosmic Handshakes / Going Good 12

The ever-present Going Good keep in touch, building on the label’s deep listens like Mystic Jungle Tribe’s live set Live in Napoli and Ewan Jansen’s labour-of-love DAT trax Lost Embers, with new release In the Mist, a satisfying mini-album from Detroit duo Blair French & Todd Modes as Cosmic Handshakes.

cosmic handshakes, going good, detroit, brian not brian, blair french, todd modes

On In the Mist, Blair and Todd knit live playing, samples and sequences together into a record that rarely follows predictable structures and rewards repeated listens. Rhythmic funk and reduced drum patterns underpin spare instrumentation with a restrained take on melody – that old Mark Hollis line ‘before you play two notes learn how to play one’ comes to mind more than once. The pair cover a lot of ground musically, sitting somewhere between the meticulous production of Eno-era Talking Heads, Mike Huckaby’s moodier moments and the infectious positivity of Workdub. Anchor to buoyant, steady-state rollers like the title track, pause with subtle mood shifting interludes like ‘A Midnight Swim’ or catch a glimpse of ‘Encounter with the White Desert’, before it shimmers out of sight. This is a 100% HiFi record made with care and attention – freed from the studio and ready to to be enjoyed on road trips, faithful dancefloors or in the open air.

In the Mist is out now on Going Good

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