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Test Pressing

Strange Sounds / Madfilth & Enrico Serotti LPs

Two old/new weirdo Italian LPs that just crash landed in my lap. First up ‘popsploitation’ smasher Madfilth on Finder’s Keepers, louche cosmic disco vinyl splurge accompanied by some of the most unhinged promo copy I’ve heard in a while (courtesy of label boss Andy Votel). Roll up, roll up.

“From the pumping heart of The Magnetic System comes the “dirtiest” Da-Da-dancefloor anti-jams with this lost 1979 blueprint of Italian conceptual cosmic disco played by the cream of the Goblin studio band. Ultra rare and unscrubbed, Finders Keepers finally snip the trip from the cash machine to the trash machine. Pay dirt just got dirtier.”

Unable to find a shareable clip of Nuclear In and its slabs of industrial noise delicately dropped over a proggy slap bass workout – so you’ll have to settle for batshitdisco Inquinamento instead.

Not quite steaming, but the seat is definitely warm from Enrico Serotti’s release of unreleased bedroom productions dating between 1983-1999. Homemade Music is a one of a kind record, accompanied by a rather sweet and enlightening mini-essay about music technology from the man himself.

“This is a collection of previously unreleased tracks I created at home, in my spare time, with any purpose other than the fun of playing with new musical devices… A road to freedom, I would say. I this perspective Homemade Music is a short musical diary of a long passage, of changing attitudes and of me getting older”. Cool.

Madfilth and Homemade Music are available in all ‘good’ record shops now, find Finders Keepers here and Orbeatize here.


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