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Test Pressing

Dreamcast / Floral Place EP / PPU

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I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit I totally missed the first Dreamcast release until Kejeblos pulled it out for one of his favourite records of the year in our Round Up in December. This is the first one if you missed it…

So now Dreamcast are back with a new seven out any day – a release made up of two gorgeous tracks. I really like their sound. It’s the sort of sound you imagine going alongside a montage of loves young dream hitting a US highway in a coupé… Neon soul business made for movies. Both tracks are superb. You can hear ‘Floral Place’ below and ‘Leo’ on the flip is also a killer. I also found a tape they have made and are selling on their Bandcamp at the moment. Check that here. Short but sweet. X>.

The ‘Floral Place E.P’ is out soon via PPU.

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