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Kilchhofer / Marionette Label Focus

This one stood out against the backdrop of winter releases, an absorbing new LP from Swiss artist Kilchhofer on Marionette label. The Book Room fuses electronics, percussion and live recordings in a way that feels human and totally modern, whilst touching on classic Warp and minimalist composition. Playful and percussive, yet hypnotic and richly melodic, The Book Room‘s 20 tracks take up two discs, evolving deep listens punctuated by brief interludes that subtly pull the emphasis of the record in differing directions. The refreshingly short duration of tracks (most between 3-5 minutes) allow Kilchhofer to avoid laboured melodies or fussy arrangements.

The exception that proves this rule is standout tracks ‘Leng’, at nearly 8 minutes and creeping at a leisurely 80bpm this one deliberately takes time to move all its pieces into position. Modular crust, warped drone and tuned percussion push forwards before dark clouds swirl around the midpoint and it gathers energy for a push over the edge. Hot soup for the soul and a track that would sound killer amongst the right people really loud.

If The Book Room has got you in the mood to discover more of Marionette, take a trip back to last year’s Dead Saints Chronicles by Burnt Friedman, an inventive EP of crinkled funk, abstract dub exhumed from a series of ancient DAT recordings or Max Loderbauer’s Greyland, a label to watch in 2018 for sure.   

Burnt Friedman Dead Saints Chronicles and Max Loderbauer Greyland are out now. Kilchhofer’s The Book Room should be doing the rounds first week in March – find Marionette label here and on bandcamp here.

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