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Love International Launch New Label With Begin

James Holroyd aka Begin might just have the greatest artist name going to be the first release on a label. And he’s pretty fitting for Love International tbh as not only was he one of the first guest DJs at the old Garden Festival (Love International’s previous incarnation) on the former site in Petrcane he also embodies what its all about being genuinely one of the nicest, most good natured music-folk you are ever likely to meet. And he’s funny as fuck at 6am. In the words of Dave Harvey of Love International “he’s an absolute workhorse of dance music for time”.

Love International, Begin, James Holroyd, Back TO Basics, Label, Release, Boggy, Class

Holroyd doesn’t seem one that is mad hungry for the limelight (and he looks like he’s in heaven in the picture above) but he, more than many others, has earned his stripes, as one of the perennial residents at Back To Basics and as The Chemical Brothers tour DJ and more… He’s got the bangers but also knows when to keep it low which brings us nicely to this new E.P.

Love International, Begin, James Holroyd, Back TO Basics, Label, Release, Boggy, Class

The Begin sound comes from a meditative place. The opening track ‘Wood Trees’ is all gentle guitars and arps and synths pinging off. ‘Day Pulse’ drops some world vocals on a massive synth line which will sound perfect heard loud at 7am in Croatia this summer after a night of sound and dancing. The B Side starts with ‘Garden Interlude’ – the name undermining how good the track is. If you took a super good NY House record from the early 90s and dropped the beats then this is that. Pianos and vocal samples rolling around. The record finishes with ‘Into The Fun’. A heavy Brazilian feeling bassline, little guitar riffs and some congas before it all goes a bit mental towards the end. Perfect. Check the clips below.

We’ve got our Morning Sessions again at this years Love International with me, Lexx, Begin (live) and Laurence from Test Pressing playing one morning with some pretty special things happening on the other days. It’s going to be good. We’ve also got more news in the pipeline with Love International but I need to find out when we can talk about that. It’s good though. All good. Anyway, here’s to Boggy aka Begin and here’s to the next chapter of Love International.

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