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Test Pressing

Talking Drums / C60 Lato A / Get Serious

Talking Drums, Get Serious, C60 Lato A, Review, Test Pressing

This one out of Manchester is a belter. Sort of an edit but not and sample track but not. Slowed down, messed up and taken to different places. It’s a record that comes in a beautiful sleeve with a sweet insert of these smiley bongos. I like those little bongo fellas. ‘C60 Lato A’ is a total chug but with some energy and vibe to it. It’s like a well happy Afro version of ‘Love Dancing’ but slow… ‘Get Serious’ takes a pumper, makes it less pumping, and takes it all somewhere totally different. As ever these records will disappear so pick it up soon if you’re liking the sound of it. You can also hear ‘C60’ on our recent Shopping List round up of stuff to check. Or the alternative is just buy the track for the insert of the little bongo fellas. Check ‘Get Serious’ below…

This one is out on Talking Drums now. Check it.

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