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Test Pressing

Tornado Wallace Vs I:Cube

Tornado Wallace, I:Cube, Today, Remixes, Review

Well this one is out there and its limited as fuck so get it while you can if it floats your boat via Bandcamp. I got the files of this from Lewie and have to say the I:Cube mixes are just superb. I think your best bet on listening to them is on Juno. For me ‘Today’ was one of the finest records last year. Great melody, restrained vocal and a quality arrangement. So add I:Cube into this mix and you’ve got a ridiculously good fresh take on what is already a marvellous record. It’s nice deep house. I’ve got a feeling it could be one of those ones that you come back to time and time again once you have played it three or four times… Killer.

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