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Test Pressing


Alek Lee‘s ‘Sfarot’ seemed to emerge pretty much fully formed and out of nowhere early in 2017. It was easily one of my favourite releases of the year – heavy on concept, immaculately produced and played, and all tethered to an irresistible dancehall / balearic groove. Alongside the simple, elegance of the cover art, this was a record that was big on personality.

Well, Alek Lee’s new record is here, again on Antinote, and it’s quite the other thing. Deeper, more minimal and tripped out than its predecessor. Psychedelic mutations on the house gene. These four tracks would seem to be as much aimed at dark rooms at dawn as sunsets – there’s definite hints of mid-period Ibadan. But the live instrumentation shines through, although less front and centre than before. ‘Time’ is carried by a spoken word sample and some lush mute horns whereas ‘Dark Colours’ takes us further down the percussion worm (K?) hole.

Confounding and exceeding expectations, I’m excited about hearing more from Alek Lee.

You can listen to soundclips at Rush Hour here 



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