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Another big ticket soul / disco rarity gets the reissue treatment and, whilst it feels there is a lot of this kind of thing doing the rounds, this sweet little jam is a worthy one.

In a world where licensing can be a very, very grey area, it’s nice to see that New Zealand label – Rain and Shine – are set up not for profit and ensuring ALL of that profit makes it back into the hands of Chain Reaction themselves. So you can save yourself the 500 odd bucks this was changing hands for on Discogs and give yourself the warm fuzzies knowing your hard-earned has gone to the right place.

‘Search for Tomorrow’ has had some previous attention, turning up on a Red Greg comp, getting spins from Ge-ology and Floating Points (as heard on the last night at Plastic People). And it’s definitely the the stand-out cut here, deeply soulful, carried along by those spiritual vocals and lifted by a sweet piano solo.

One for the real dancers out there.

A Record Store Day 2018 release

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