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Homework Club / New Bits Roundup

A few things popped into view of late that seemed to have a thread running through them, so here they are!

Memphis- Beneath a Different Sun (out May 7 on Mirror Zone)

Mirror Zone is a new label run by a guy called Chris coming straight out of Delft in the Netherlands. First release is a savvy reissue 12″ of Untitled tracks by Memphis, serving up euphoric tribal bangers inna PWOG-style. Hyperactive percussion, skyward synths, implied ritual but with a hint of chemical-induced grimness that makes it all the better. There’s certain to be some difference of opinion from people who remember progressive sounds the first time around, but I’m on board for sure.

SW & SVN – Amb1805 (out May 25 on Apollo Records)

Pretty self-effacing stuff from SW & SVN on R&S, the duo behind the creeper Untitled on SUED from a couple of years back. Scant info accompanying Amb1805, but that’s kind of the point right? The set speaks for itself- glassy melodies over crisp percussion, soundsystem troubling bass suspended in a gloopy atmosphere, never too melodic with just the right amount held back.

Isorinne – Wave Stuff (out May 4 on Origin Peoples)

There’s a scene on the cover of this record that shows an arrangement of sea creatures floating in a marinescape, serenely coexisting away from the strife of the humanworld – or close. Pretty apt for a record of slightly nostalgic, woozy synthpop. Gave me that feeling of coming out of the swimming pool with your hair still wet, wringing the last of the water from your ears – fancy some crisps?

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi ‎– Focus (repress coming late May on Padre Himalaya)

Respect due to Joao and the crew for putting out this record, I totally slept on it and now it’s creeping up on the ‘cogs – but no fear, repress is due in time for summer. Bold, adventurous – focussed minimal percussive tracks from Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – is it a link track? break down? who the fuck cares – it’s a brilliant record.

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