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Rex Ilusivii - Selected Works

Versatile digging deeper into the archives of Mitar Subotić for a double disc as Rex Ilusivii (‘King of Illusions’) entitled Selected Works. The Serbian-born, Sao Paolo transplant was insanely prolific during his short lifetime, producing over 500 (mostly unreleased) pieces from the early 80s up until his death in a freak studio accident in 1999. Subotić’s work in radio and composition for theatre, film and performance gives Selected Works a pretty unique and inclusive sound, ranging from fourth-world zoning to post-punk electronics via grubby new age sounds and industrial – all washed down with a healthy glug of theatrical tension. Three releases on Vladimir Ivkovic’s Offen music in as many years (two as Rex Ilusivi In the Mooncage (2015) and Koncert SNP 1983 (2016) and this year Wayang as Suba) has found Subotić popping up on mixes and creeping into weirdo DJ sets – unique and inspiring sounds for sure. Three pieces from three releases below.

Facedance (originally from Disillusioned!) from the forthcoming Selected Works

Wayang 01 from Wayang (as Suba) (2018)

Annex 01 from In the Mooncage (2015)

Rex Ilusivii – Selected Works is out May 28 on Versatile

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