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Test Pressing

Slowglide / the future looks nice from back here / Antinote

SLOWGLIDE, HAIPA, Test Pressing, Review, Antinote

Generally the future looks pretty bleak.

Not so for Slowglide who drops his debut single here for Antinote records. And this is a vision of the future… albeit one from the early 1990s. We have scant autobiographical details for Slowglide apart from him hailing from Reims, France and, judging by this release and his previous missives, being heavily immersed in UK leaning IDM / braindance sounds and Japanese culture.

So far so zeitgeist.

Thankfully Antinote’s dude-in-chief, Zaltan, has an ear for a catchy melody and a distinctly balearic mind-set, so what might sound like an exercise in nostalgia on paper is, in fact, wonderfully fresh and vibrant. Like the music it takes its inspiration from these sounds lack cynicism or any jaded knowingness. Slowglide’s stella production manages to be technically accomplished and bright-eyed and optimistic.

My personal preference would be the deeper, more cinematic vibes of Haipa. But both this and the bleepier, more Warp referencing Reigi, would seem to have sufficient heft for both club play and headphone tripping. 

When our real future seems, frankly, shitty, its nice to have a look from a more innocent standpoint.


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