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Test Pressing


Sam Purcell, Mix, Test Pressing

Hi Sam! Thanks for the mix (You can scroll to the bottom of the page for this – Ed). Can you quickly let us know who you are, what you do and what you’re about, for any readers that might not be aware of you?

I’ve been running a label called Blank Mind at a slow and steady pace since 2011, putting out quite an eclectic mix of releases that just about sit under a dance umbrella. I produce as Dance and as SMX alongside my friend Max O’Brien, we’ve just had our first release together on a split with Koehler on Whities. I also work as a visual artist/designer.

Can you tell us a little about the mix?

I recorded it on a sunny Sunday evening in my bedroom in South-East London whilst feeling feeble from having had to starve myself for a few days. I didn’t really overthink it, I just put together tunes I love and tried to make it an experience. Shout out to Honest Jon’s and Tongues in Vienna where I picked the majority of these things up.

I’m often aware that with younger DJs / producers and especially those from the ‘post-step’ world that I may contextualise their music in a totally different way to them. Can you let us know 5 tunes that were really pivotal to you? Records that opened a door into a new room.

This may be a difficult question but which Blank Mind release is your favourite and why?

They are all my babies, and I love them all. As a tune though 3rd World by DJ Clent, still bangs hard – out to Clent!

What have you got coming up in terms of releases / gigs / radio?

There’s gonna be an SMX 4-tracker on Blank Mind later in the year, that’s all mastered now. Possibly may be another thing lined up too… Nothing lined up in terms of gigs or radio – come get me

Current Top 10

Emerson Kitamura – The Countryside is Great
Jay – Balsam Drum
DJ Lilocox – Vozes Ricas
Urban Myths – Makin Me Feel
Iku Sakan – Prism in Us All
De Leon – B1 (Mana)
I:Cube – Bifurque
P.Adrix – Zelda Shyt
Kilchhofer – Verun
Max Loderbauer – Artus
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