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Running nightclubs in London is a total bastard. Sky-high DJ fees, tough competition, fickle crowds and venues that can close down in a blink of an eye. Miles Simpson weathered this storm and PREVAILED with his much loved Thunder night and now he’s taking it back underground with a new dance party that’s all about the garage grooves.

Over to Miles to explain the concept….

Q: What is XTC Garage? 

A: It is nebulous and absolutely subjective. It’s Easy Street b-sides, Bobby Konders deepness, Burrell Brothers finesse, Red Zone dubs and Dead Zone dubs, its Ace Beat, Movin’ and Quark, uplifting New Jersey vocals, it’s Tenaglia ballroom bliss, it’s DJ Pierre pitching wildy,  it’s Jovonn, it’s KCC,  it’s rough Brooklyn basslines, it’s Blue Jean reigning supreme, it’s Italian doing it better, it’s proto UKG from Zaki D or Zak Toms, and it’s most definitely Tony Humphries. From Zanzibar to Sound Factory Bar to Clink Street to Girls FM to Rimini, it’s the real underground garage sound of New York, New Jersey, London and beyond.

Q: Who are the XTC Garage All-Stars?

A: The XTC Garage All-Stars, like the Harlem Globetrotters of the XTC garage sound. Membership is fluid, inclusion is considered entirely on the merit of your best XTC garage trick shot. On this occasion it includes: Truly Madly (NYC.XTC/Deep Rave); Mark Limb (Electric Disco); Chris Chippendale (Sunk); Lucas Crowley (Family Tree Radio); Miles and Miles (NYC.XTC/Thunder/Orlando Boom).

Q: What is the meaning of life?

A: It’s an XTC.

Q: What should I do on Sunday 6th May?

A: Discover the meaning of life. See you there

The Glove That Fits,179 Morning Lane, London E9 6LH. 7pm – 12.30am

Nestled between Hackney Central and Homerton, and just a few minutes walk from both, it really is quite special, with a laid back bar to hang in upstairs, a perfectly formed rave basement downstairs with an impressive D&B Audiotechnik system.

Music from the NYC XTC All-Stars (see above) and special guest *cough* ME.


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