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Test Pressing


This new split release from Whities Recordings explores distortion and dissonance in two very different flavours.

The A-side from SMX (Sam Purcell of Blank Mind and Max O’Brien) entitled ‘Sleep’ is the more ruminative. Recorded live back in 2015, it eases itself out across eight minutes of undulating trippy riff that is slightly reminiscent of ‘House of God’, with the edge provided by moments of subtle harmonic dissonance. This plays out against a warmly overdriven rhythm section and sweet pads – all admirably restrained and controlled for a live jam. The devil is in the detail here.

Flip the record over and we get the rougher, more ravey ‘Thief’ by Koehler – a thoroughly enjoyable, teeth rattling stomp and in sharp contrast to the introspection of the a-side.

Blue 02 is out now on Whities Recordings

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