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When Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft get together they usually make beautiful ambient / new age soundscapes. Clearly this kind of thing is NOT GOING TO WASH for Melburnian goofbags Nick Murray, Tom Moore and Andee Frost’s Animals Dancing label. For whom they saved these couple of (in their own words) ‘dumb bangers’. Created for some live performances in LA and finished off by Jonny in Bali, in truth these two cuts are far from dumb – although both with a keen ear for melody and somewhat more playful than usual. Taking their blueprint broadly from IDM / Electro, we get two tracks ‘Telex’ and ‘The Whale’. The former being the more immediate tune and with its addictive glitches and hooky melody you just know this is going to do the business for that sunrise moment.

Animals Dancing’s ‘relaxed’ release schedule and knockabout attitude might just bely extremely high quality control  – maybe these dudes are just very, very serious about fun.

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