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Test Pressing


Australian records have garnered a lot of attention of late for a kind of musical, blunted, modern boogie. 606 jams, Fender Rhodes, space echo. Understated, classy, languid.

Then there are other Australian records.

‘Speed Your Rage to me’ from DJ Oblong lurches toward you out of a bush doof dust cloud at dawn. It’s friendly, you think. Maybe aggressively over-friendly. Slightly wild eyed. It clearly hasn’t slept well in days, maybe not at all. You don’t understand what it’s saying. Its clothes are dusty, hair matted and it seems to have been having too much fun. Dangerous fun.

Not too much info on this one – DJ Oblong is an ‘elusive Australian DJ & producer’ and you might have heard the track on Fantastic Man’s RA podcast. It samples the end title music from rage (nee rage till you puke), an all-night music video program from the land down under. Which in turn samples Simple Minds.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Dance floor devastation guaranteed. You know the drill – get it whilst you can.

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