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Test Pressing


It’s been a minute since we’ve had any missives from the (Emotional) Especial stable. I suppose the matter of those 400 other sub-labels must get in the way somewhat. NONETHELESS  it’s back to business and coming out swinging with this sterling release from new artists Weird Weather. Made up of **DISCLAIMER** LJ Horstman (of this parish) and Duncan Thornley, they’ve come up with something that fits the Especial ethos (broadly, you could imagine Andrew Weatherall playing it at ALFOS) and managed to stamp their own proto-house dubwise vibes all over it.

‘Sequence 5’ is the first cut. Kicking off with the space echo dubbing and motorik bassline, then chiming in with the slightly woozy detuned bells. This one is all drive drive drive. Dark streets city lights, slick roads, marginally over the speed limit. Edgy, and of the four tracks on offer here the most closely aligned with Especial mainstays Messrs Patton and Fairplay, both of whom are credited with production assistance on this EP

Being more of a frothy good time girl, ‘Trash Dolphin’ is my choice jam – a little more, dare I say it, ‘Tropical’ in approach. Loving the Yello referencing OOOOOOHHHHHH slowed down vocal, warm bassline and generally more loose and uppy vibe. This is as close as Especial has got to leaving its darkened room and making a beeline for the sun.

‘Flipping the record over’ (inverted commas because his lordship never gifts me with vinyl anymore <COUGH>) we get two takes of title cut ‘Bamboo Room’. Here the tempos are lower and we head into full chill-out territory with the Ormus mix and its lysergic vocal sample.

Wicked release, full support and nice to have (Emotional) Especial back. One day I’ll get round to doing that promised EP but if the standard remains this high I might have to wait a while lest I look lame in comparison.

‘Bamboo Room’ is out NOW!

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