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Test Pressing


New Zealand’s Strangelove Music follow up the superb re-release of Lena D’Água with a spot of antipodean archaeology, bringing forth long forgotten synth duo Arvo.

The story goes that Deborah Gray and Roy Nicolson were both quite the Europhiles, with Nicolson working as session musician / synth boffin, and even having collaborated with none other than Trevor Horn. Upon their return to Australia they sought to spread their glamorous, sophisticated (dare we say, slightly camp) synth-pop vision to the motherland. Tipping a cheeky wink to the local colloquial they named themselves ARVO, locked themselves in the studio and emerged with the two gloriously whimsical cuts we have here. Sadly, at the time, they were met with major label indifference, radio confusion and a borderline hostile, rock loving general public. Such is a the lot of visionaries!

Well, like a very fine wine, time has aged these cuts to perfection and we find them at their prime. Strangelove have further sweetened the deal by adding an extended instrumental from rising Melbourne Italo obsessive George Hysteric and France’s Shelter. Vital summer listening for your louche pool party!

Arvo – Bikini / So Deep is out on Strangelove Music at the end of July

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